Friday, May 6, 2016

Union Suit Wearers Everywhere:


  1. Loren of Tulsa, Oklahoma emailed me to say that he really enjoys "hanging out" with this Union Suit blog and other long underwear wearers.

    Thanks, Loren. Happy to have you! ...Chris

  2. Great source for the "real" thing: As a horseman, I've ordered from Big Bend Saddlery and they are splendid. Their union suits have the original trap door and I wear them through the winter months. Have ordered five of them!

  3. Hey kV: I checked the store's web-site and their Union Suits look to be pretty good quality. In the photo they provide, I counted only seven buttons on the boy's long johns. Do the adult union suits have enough buttons down the front to keep them from gaping open. Hate when that happens to my underwear?! I like to see a minimum of eight buttons, nine or ten preferably, before I buy a Union Suit.

    Is the trap door a "drop seat or a vertical slit? Let me know. ...Chris