Friday, September 22, 2017

Cesar Romero - Union Suit Fan

After his clothes are stolen, Actor Cesar Romero cavorts around in his one-piece Long Underwear at a tony ski area hotel in an eleven minute clip from the movie Wintertime.  One of Hollywood's best Union Suit scenes from 1943 Twentieth Century Fox proving what a versatile actor he was!


Copy and Paste to see his entire Entertaining Clip:


  1. There seems to be one problem with Cesar's union suit, it looks like it is lacking either a drop or lap seat. Oh well it looks like he doesn't have to worry about being buttoned up.

    sam from northern southern Michigan

  2. Sam: I think you are correct! I didn't know Union Suits were made without a drop seatn or at least a flap. But as we all know, Hollywood is always accurate right down to a guy's underwear!
    Your buttoned down pal...Chris

  3. Dalton of Wheat Ridge, CO reports that he first viewed this clip a couple of years ago and burst out laughing! "Romero had a humorous side of him I had not realized. Thanks for including this scene in your blog for others to enjoy!"