Wednesday, September 27, 2017

More Cowboys in Their Union Suits: 
There's a New Sheriff in Town!

Sugarfoot Jumping Out of Bed
and Grabbing His Britches

Getting Some Book Learnin' is a
Balancing Act for Cowboys

Where's that Damn Horse?!

Sitting by the Fire
Waiting for the Spring Thaw

If it's Spring ... It must be Laundry Day

Once a Month I Add Water to my Bath

There's a Limit as to how long a Man can
Lay Out in the Desert in Just His Union Suit...
About the time it takes for that Union Suit
 to fade from Bright Red to Salmon Color!

Thanks to all of the Union Suit Fans 
that Contributed...Chris

See My Origianal Posting "Cowboys and Union Suits"
February 23, 2017

Friday, September 22, 2017

Cesar Romero - Union Suit Fan

After his clothes are stolen, Actor Cesar Romero cavorts around in his one-piece Long Underwear at a tony ski area hotel in an eleven minute clip from the movie Wintertime.  One of Hollywood's best Union Suit scenes from 1943 Twentieth Century Fox proving what a versatile actor he was!


Copy and Paste to see his entire Entertaining Clip:

Monday, September 11, 2017

Dave Enjoying the Great Outdoors:

Dave wears his three-button, drop seat Union Suit while appreciating a magnificent, early morning view. Like me and many of you, one-piece long underwear is absolutely essential on camping and hunting trips. Tell us about your favorite outdoor adventures! 

Dave was inspired by my previous posting of other guys' flaps and drop seat underwear entitled Union Suit Fans and Their Trap Doors, March 16, 2017, featuring the King of Long Underwear (below) and others like him.

More Great Outdoors Pics Submitted by Adventurous Union Suit Fans 9/28/2017: 

A Contemplative Walk Through
the Woods in Long Johns

Frozen Solid in His Long Red Underwear
Where are your Boots, Snowman?

Lost the Trail? 

Join these boys by sending me your favorite "Great Outdoors" photograph: