Thursday, May 19, 2016

Me and My Union Suit

My Favorite Long Johns

In regard to union suits, I am asked which ones are best. I don't consider myself an expert but I have worn union suits since my grandmother purchased one for me at Sears when I was a fourteen year old boy. That suit was warm and comfortable and was just like the long-handled button-up underwear grandpa always wore! I have been wearing only one-piece long underwear since then. Two piece underwear is inferior as far as I am concerned. I have tried a variety of union suits over the years and must say my favorite maker is Carhartt. Although, like President Kennedy, I like Champion Duofold union suits too. They are the ones with the cotton / wool blend...Warm!

That being said, Carhartt union suits are superior to all others that I have purchased and worn. They have plenty of buttons up the front of the suit and the last one my wife gave to me this past Christmas has a two button vertical flap. The wrist and ankle cuffs have the just the right snugness and don't stretch out. And, the brand name, "Carhartt," is proudly shown across the upper chest. 

If you've never purchased or worn Carhartt  or Champion Duofold Union Suits, you are really missing out!


  1. Pete emailed me to ask what is my most unfavorable Union Suit. I would have to choose Indera.

  2. Indera Mills Union Suits are inferior to other union suits I have purchased and worn because of the thin material, too few buttons up the front resulting in gaping, and a loose fit around the neck. I want my long underwear to be of heavier material with no gaping in the front, plenty of buttons, and a nice snug fit at the neck so cold air doesn't seep down to my body. The second time I put on my Indera Union Suit I noticed a tear in the crotch area. Stay away from these union suits.