Wednesday, November 9, 2016

         Union Suits - YesterYear

Duofold of Mohawk, New York Ad:

Union Suits - Yesteryear is a new post category that I will be adding to this Blog from time to time. Articles, photographs, and advertisements from yesteryear. 


  1. It's always interesting to see old union suit adds. And when these adds were appearing there were millions of men and boys wearing union suits all over America.Makes me want to break out my own Duofold and give it a test run, all we need is a little snow, and somewhere to go.

  2. Why wait for snow or somewhere to go? I find wearing union suits as PJ's to be very comfortable and warm. I start wearing them to bed in early October here in Idaho. Union suits are great for lounging around in too...Chris

  3. My wife recently purchased two Champion Duofold Union Suits for me and the wool blend, no itch underwear is still true today. Modern Duofold Long Underwear is tremendously comfortable and keeps me warm in all kinds of winter weather!