Monday, July 10, 2017

Wake Up, Jump Out of Bed, and Enjoy a Cup of Joe.  Now I'm ready to hit the slopes ....Sam, Vancouver, B.C.  

Chris: uh, better not forget your clothes! It's cold in Canada. Good thing you're wearing a Union Suit (Combinations). By the way, that coffee must be strong because your hair is standing straight up!! Thanks Sam.


  1. Thanks for posting this. Here in NYC it is 90 with no signs of ever giving us Union Suit weather again!

  2. Great photo, reminds me of myself on winter mornings, a union suit and coffee. The best way to start your day.... my favorite is a gray Stanfield that I like to wear.

  3. Mac: Wow! 90 degrees in the city is not Union Suit weather for sure! It is 60 degrees with light rain here this morning. Nights in northern Idaho vary temperature wise, reaching down to low 40's to mid 50's. Since we love to sleep with the windows open this time of year, I am still wearing my unions to bed, sans socks. Even now I am still relaxing in a Union Suit as I sit here responding to comments and emails. Cooler days are ahead for you Union Suit wearers in warmer climates so hang in there or come visit the Rocky Mountains.

    I know a shop owner near where I live in Sandpoint, ID who stocks Carhartt and a few other brands of Union Suits year around as well as two piece long underwear. Summer tourists come to the area without warm clothes. She tells me no matter how many unions she stocks (dozens if not a hundred or so), she sells out every summer! Tourists, especially from warmer areas, many times see Union Suits as a novelty item and line up to buy them for the entire family!

    1. Heh Oyn: That is a great photo of Sam. I am sure many Union Suit wearers identify with you and Sam in waking up, climbing out of bed in their unions, and grabbing that first cup of coffee! I certainly do.

      By the way, I live in a somewhat secluded area near Mt Casey, Idaho, elevation over 6700 feet above sea level. Many days, I get my coffee and step out on the back deck in my unions. It's peaceful, quiet, and beautiful. It is mostly private with only two other houses nearby. As it happens, one young homeowner in one of the homes wears Union Suits too. He enjoys his morning coffee out on his deck as well. My wife, standing at the kitchen window, will say, "Dustin is out in his Long Johns this morning." Its not long before I join him (or vice versa) to raise a coffee cup in salute to our good fortune and Union Suit camaraderie. Our wives just role their eyes at our early morning ritual.