Thursday, August 17, 2017

Union Suits - YesterYear 

Union Suits were not Just for Baseball Players Like Babe Ruth but for Football Players too! Just Ask the Superior Underwear Company.

Superior Union Suit Magazine Ad in
1913 Saturday Evening Post
Just in Time for Football Season
"The Perfect Union Suit"

Montana Grizzlies Football Fans
Heading to the Big Saturday Game
In Modern Day Union Suits!

Added August 27, 2017:  Trevor of Shamrock, TX 
sent me another Superior "Perfect Union Suit" Advertisement today. "No Drawers to Slide Down and No Shirt to Bunch up. And None of the Discomforts of New-Fangled or Old Fashion Union Suits!" 

Ain't that's what all of us Union Suit Fans Want?! 
A Perfect Fitting Union Suit.
We don't want our drawers sliding down and
we sure don't need any new-fangled Underwear!
Give us a well-fitting Union Suit any day Boys.
Thanks Trevor....Chris


  1. Paul of Menominee, MI emailed me to say: The Superior Union Suit ad states that there are "no drawers to slip and slide and no shirt to pull up and bunch round the waist." They make the case that one-piece long johns are more comfortable underwear. To this day that is why I wear Union Suits instead of two piece long underwear. Keep telling it like it is Chris. Seems like everyone should be wearing Union Suits.

  2. I couldn't agree more, Paul. I too always wear one-piece Union Suits because I just can't tolerate two piece, separated long johns that my folks bought for me when I was a little boy. As I have mentioned else where in this blog, I switched to Union Suits at the age of 14 (thanks, grandma), and have loved them ever since. Thanks for checking in with me. Always great to hear from a fellow Union Suit Fan..Chris

  3. come on Montana Grizzlies, what have you been doing, taking lessons from madonna? The underwear goes on first. Sam from northern end of lower Michigan

  4. Good Point, Sam. But, I remember during my college days, guys went "streaking" on campuses wearing just their shoes, socks, and a smile! So, at least these boys are wearing their long johns! ....Chris

    1. In my book Chris, the only thing you wear under a union suit is another union suit one size smaller and make sure you do not mix your drop seats with the vertical lapped seats. sam