Saturday, October 28, 2017

Union Suits - YesterYear 

As this amusing, old-time Texaco ad suggests, it's time to tune up the old jalopy. Pull out and pull on your long-handle underwear if you haven't already, and get set for winter.

Just like checking your car's radiator to see if it has enough antifreeze, we Union Suit Fans should check our winter wardrobe to ensure we have enough long johns to make it through the cold, short days ahead.

Here in northern Idaho I've been wearing full body Union Suits for at least a month now and have had to close our bedroom window at night. It has gotten down into the 20's the last several nights and we have already had a few snow flurries. Colder, snowier weather is on the way!

Minnesota and Boulder, Colorado have already had some pretty good snow. I hear a couple of ski areas in Colorado have already opened. And a "nor'easter" is heading into New England this weekend! Long Underwear weather is upon us. 

Karen of Leadville, Colorado emailed me to say that her little mountain town remains one of the cold spots in the nation. Her husband and dad "wore their Union Suits non-stop right through the summer months" there. Brrr! Her older son has been wearing his button-downs now too.

So Rich and Joe, Dave and Mario, Trevor and Peter, and all you Union Suit Fans, it's time to join me in getting 'em buttoned up. Winter is fast approaching.


  1. Headed out to Nevada/ Arizona today - that's desert country boys. But, in packing, I found the bag with my thermal long johns and so, when I get back to chilly/ under heated NYC, I'll be ready to button up and keep warm!

  2. "Chris," emails Alec of Boise, ID, "I tuned up by buttoning up about three weeks ago. Great blog featuring the long underwear that I turn to every winter. I'm twenty years old and have worn union suits for about ten years. They "suit" me!"

  3. Thanks Mac and Alec. I always appreciate hearing from other Union Suit wearers....Chris