Saturday, December 2, 2017

Union Suit Pals: 

Union Suits are even more fun when hanging out with your best bud!

Added May 21, 2018 from Charlie of Lincoln, Nebraska:

Chris, can I way in regarding the dignity of union suits? Here is a picture of some baseball players in their various underwear. The dude in the union suit looks better than the guys in their briefs and boxers. I vote more guys should wear union suits!!

Charlie, you may "way in on the dignity of union suits" or any other long underwear subject, anytime! Thanks for submitting this picture. Seems to me that the two jocks in the union suit and jockey shorts / undershirt show the most confidence in their underwear by the looks on their faces. The looks on the other boys who are wearing boxers and shorts, seem to ask, "what am I doing here posing in my underwear?"  It's hard to look confident in your underwear. Take it from me it takes practice. I agree with you that more guys should wear Union Suits. That is one reason I have established my blog, Union Suit Fan!   ....Chris

Added April 22, 2018:
Scott of Scottsdale, AZ sent me the following photo with this note:

"Chris, not all pals wear union suits when hanging out with each other. Sometimes they wear all sorts of underwear!"  ...Scott

Can't argue with that Scott. But, Union Suits are so much warmer, dignified, and tasteful! Wouldn't you agree ??!!   ....Chris


  1. Scott of Scottsdale emailed me back saying, "The gentleman with the pipe looks about as dignified as one can wearing Jockey shorts. But, you are absolutely correct, the underwear of the man in the union suit is much more tasteful. And, who would be foolish enough to really argue the fact that a man in his union suit cuts a truly dignified figure!"

  2. You got it, Scott. I know when I am in my union suit whether at home, at the gym, or camping with my buddies, I feel much more dignified and confident then when in my boxer shorts...Chris

  3. The November (and so far December) weather has been grey, wet, with a few snow flurries melting on contact. But as a dog walker morning, afternoon and evening, I have to be prepared for anything. The union suit is the perfect garment for my walks and in between. I don't have to stop before leashing up the two Westies to ask myself, "Am I dressed for this?" Obviously, clothes can't transform wind and sleet into soft breezes! But they keep me insulated from the onslaughts until late into the evening.
    Notice that union suits are available in wool and mixed fabrics, so the choice for keeping warm is terrific at moderate prices! Any dog lover in Northern climes knows about their insulating qualities. So red, grey, white -- don't object if colour shows at the cuffs and ankles. It's our badge of protection!

    1. Michael: You are so right in that Union Suits keep us insulated from all sorts of mild to brutal winter weather. Have you checked out my companion blog, Union Suit Fans in the Limelight? This month I am featuring all manner of "Walkin'in My Winter Underwear!" topics.
      Great hearing from you. When you get a chance email me and let me know what part of the country you live and more about your dog walkin'...