Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Outdoor Funderwear 

Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Skiing, Hiking, even Imbibing, just go better with Union Suits. Confirmed by the wine drinking, Carhartt wearing boys below. You can't enjoy the Great Outdoors unless you are dressed for it. And for us Union Suit Fans the best "base layer" is our one-piece button-downs. A truism confirmed by the man who appeared in my previous posting, "Dave Enjoying the Great Outdoors" of September 11, 2017! * 

Many of you have heard the call of the Great Outdoors. And since that earlier posting, I received more Union Suit photos. So, here are some additional fans outside in their long underwear.
Carhartt Comraderie Demands Union Suits

Celebrating at "Frozen Dead Guy Festival"
in Nederland, Colorado

Now I'm Suppose to Use this Muddy
Murky Water to Shave With ??!! 

Shaggy in Drawers 

Lost! Forlorn! But at least I'm Warm
with Coffee and Long Underwear!

Who Needs a Fire when
You're Wearing Long Johns
Colder than I thought
Better Button Up

Waiting Patiently....

You're Right On Target
in a Union Suit

* Here's that photo of "Three Button Dave", from my previous posting, still enjoying the Great Outdoors. A view any Union Suit Fan would love: 

Send me your outdoor photos (or indoor for that matter) and you just might end up in one of my postings:


  1. Ian of Cody, WY emailed the following: Chris, My three boys (ages 13, 15, and 17) and I enjoy the great outdoors: camping, fishing, skiing and snowboarding. I am the scout master of their troop here in Cody. We all know the value of keeping warm. All of us wear union suits. Seems boys' sizes come in only red so that's what we all wear. Several other boys in our troop also choose unions for our camp outs, etc. As you have said, "union suits are warm and comfortable." They are perfect for sleeping in and all other outdoor activities.
    Several years ago, a plane went down in the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming. A fourteen year old boy scout pulled himself out of the wreckage. When he heard a search helicopter that young man had the good sense to strip to his maroon colored long underwear to wave down the search pilot. His underwear stood out against the white snow. The story had a happy ending as the boy, the pilot and his aunt and uncle although injured all lived and were all rescued. So our boys know if they are ever stranded or lost, their red long johns just might save the day... Ian

    1. Ian: thanks for emailing. Your boys are lucky to have such a dedicated pa to lead that troop. I was a boy scout myself and attained the rank of Eagle. During many cold night camping in northern Idaho I was thankful for the warmth of the union suit I wore in my sleeping bag. Thanks for sharing that rescue story. That boy was a hero.