Friday, October 19, 2018

Long John Runs, 5K, 10K, or Just Around the Block!

Seems about every autumn Long John Runs are organized and publicized for various fund-raisers across the country. From Battle Creek to Seattle, from Foxboro to Kalamazoo guys run long stretches in their Union Suits to raise money for numerous good causes!

Here are some fellows enjoying outdoor exercise while raising cash in their long underwear. How about you?

Take Your Coffee, Take Your Kid.... But Get Out and Move Those Bones.

Even State Troopers Strip to Their
Long Red Underwear for a Good Cause 

GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. - It's a run that encourages you to show off your Long Johns!  The 6th Annual Long John Run benefiting Mel Trotter Ministries.  John van der Veen provides the fun details.

Are long johns required?  No, but they are encouraged! "Put on your best long johns, thermal underwear, red union suit, pajamas, white knickers, winter knickers, paul bunyan's, long handlers, hillbilly wedding outfit, or canadian tuxedo and get out of your log cabin or house (off your duff) and run/walk 4 miles," encouraged John.

"The Long John Run was created to help raise money for those who are in great need here in the Grand Rapids area. Proceeds from our events will be donated to local missions/ministries/organizations.  In addition, we are collecting socks for the homeless. Yep - socks," he explained. It's happening next month, November 10th, at Christ Church on Breton Avenue.

Added October 22, 2018:

From Skip of St. Paul, MN.  "Chris, not everyone participates in these marathons by raising money in their long underwear. Boxer Shorts are welcomed too."

and from Debra of Detroit, MI.
"My son, jogging in his candy-striped union suit in our 5K"

Thanks to you both!  If you have photos of Fun Runs in your Long Underwear, be sure to send them to me for posting at:

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