Sunday, June 16, 2019

Like all agricultural workers, Gardener John toils mightily from sunup to sundown in his garden. Lately he worked so hard hoeing and planting and weeding, he shed his overalls and shirt, deciding he could work just as well in his long johns and be more comfortable. Still, he worked up quite a sweat. So, like millions of other gardeners, farmers, and toiling outdoor workers before him, he learned that his union suit cooled him down in conjunction with a gentle breeze. 

While working he noticed that his bright red union suit kept birds, from crows to sparrows, away from his garden so he decided to spend an hour or two each day as a human scarecrow. 

Garderner John, Union Suit Fan
 and Part-time Scarecrow

Added June 19, 2019:
Clay of Saranac, NY emailed me a photo of a scarecrow with this comment...

"Chris, ole John better be careful standing out in the hot sun or like this scarecrow his red union suit will likely turn pink!  And, notice the crow at the bottom of the picture? Goes to show you that once your long underwear fades it's no longer conducive to keeping the varmints away!  ... Clay"

If I ever try this myself, Clay, I will take heed of your warning. After all, who wants a faded pink union suit?  ...Chris

And Seth of Bangor, Maine sent me this:

"Chris, here's a picture of a hen and a farm boy wearing a sweater over his union suit while washing his feet. Even chickens aren't chicken of this kid... Seth"

Ha! Thanks guys ... Chris

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