Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Hey, Union Suit Fans!

Old Thornberry
Introducing a very fine, entertaining author, illustrator, storyteller, all around good guy, and fellow Union Suit Fan... Jerry Walters

For several months now I have been enjoying Jerry's books.  He is an exceptional storyteller and illustrator. With his permission, I am featuring some of my favorite characters from those books of his. From his website, Jerry says, "Just love to do fun silly stories."  I think you'll agree. Here are a few book excerpts...

From the Book, Bud. Farmer Fred wades into the mud to grab his prized pig so he can take him to the county fair. In the process, Fred looses his clothes but, oh well, he proceeds to the fair in his union suit anyway:

He isn't going to let a little thing like attending the festivities in his long underwear stand in his way of a good time!

From Lost Teddy Bear
Your pants come in handy 

if you don't have a rope!

In Polecat, Johnny has to go around 
in his union suit 
thanks to an ole polecat who squirted him 
and ruined this clothes:

In Ole Fred Has a Bad Day,
he wears a nightshirt over 

his red union suit
going to the outhouse.

And from the Book, Hillbilly Cookie Bear

I'm sure you'd love to check out these stories in more detail and to see other of Jerry's books. So go to:
and type in "The Legend of Thunder Cow."  Buy a couple books and enjoy.

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