Thursday, October 3, 2019

Union Suit Fan - Miscellaneous

Halloween is just around the corner! Why not wear your union suit and go as a moonshine drinkin' cowboy. You just might pick up a friend:

Clay from Saranac Lake, NY emailed, "Chris, some time back you featured scenes from the play, Almost Maine, whereby two of the characters stripped down to their long red underwear. Here are some more pics from that wonderfull and thought-provoking play"

If you have been viewing this blog for awhile, you know then that Tom Moss checks in every couple of years reporting to us on the wagers he has made with his buddy, RC. Well, the boys have made another wager that Tom promises to be a winner (at least for him). RC, an avid Denver Broncos fan, bet Tom back in August that his team would win at least ten games this season, a real turn-around from the past couple of years...

...But poor RC, Denver has lost 4 games already and looks to lose again this upcoming Sunday to the Chargers. The erstwhile Broncos have not won a single football game so far. Look to this blog for Tom and RC's latest wager account including photos probably about mid-November. You can bet that one of them will appear in public in his Union Suit. See Tom's last wager posting dated February 1, 2018 in this blog. Then, RC lost their bet and was required to skateboard at the local park stripped to his union suit!

In just a few weeks look for more great photos of guys wearing one-piece long underwear in the "Great Outdoors" like this father and son.

Sam of northern lower Michigan saw my posting a couple of weeks ago featuring Standard Knitting Mills' Healthknit Union Suits. Coincidentally, he had just purchased a couple of them. Here he is relaxing while enjoying a good book:

And finally, you have just a few more days to join me and a bunch of others enjoying morning coffee in our favorite, warm and comfortable underwear. Fall is here so get your photo(s) in pronto so you're not left out in the cold:

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