Monday, July 11, 2016

Jack and the Beanstalk 
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Jack confronts the Giant's Wife in a scene from Fairie Tale Theatre, 1983

As reported in my previous blog Ryan posed the question as to whether I had seen a televised theatre presentation of "Jack and the Beanstalk" wherein Jack, a poor boy, climbed the stalk and had adventures in his red Union Suit. You know the story which scholars date back (in some fashion) 5,000 years. Thanks to the emails sent to me by Shane, Gary, and others, I was able to identify this play presented by Fairie Tale Theatre in 1983. It was shown September 8, 1983, Season 2, Episode 4. It starred Elliott Gould as the boy-eating giant and his wife, Jean Stapleton. The boy, Jack, was played by Dennis Christopher. Jack did indeed climb the beanstalk in his long underwear having been awaken by its growth in to the sky. Following are photo clips of Jack and his adventure courtesy of Fairie Tale Theatre:

Jack Awakens and Climbs the Beanstalk
in His Long Underwear

Jack Wearing Only His Union Suit
Wonders To Where He Has Climbed

A Fairy Warns Jack About the Boy-Eating Giant

Unfazed and Seeminly Unaware that He Is In His Underwear,
 Jack Approaches the Giant's Home
 and Speaks to His Wife

Jack Tells the Giant's Wife He is Hungry
and is Allowed to Enter

Jack Steals the Sleeping Giant's Gold

Jack, Still in His Union Suit,
Arrives Back Home and Describes
His Adventures to His Mother

Jack is Triumphant! He and Mother are Rich!

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