Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Union Suits and Trap Doors

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Do you refer to the buttoned back side of your Union Suit as a trap door, a fireman's hatch, a flap, a drop seat or a window like the kids in Lynn Johnston's comic strip? Maybe you call that essential rear opening something else.

Regardless, many consider that their one, two, three, or more long johns' buttoned flaps to be indispensable. Grandpa and his boys certainly thought so on their late night trips in just their underwear to the two-holer outhouse. Union Suits were especially popular before homes had central heating and indoor toilets. Outdoorsmen beginning in the late 1800's through today take advantage of the rear opening in their Union Suits as well.

Except when camping and fishing in the great Rocky Mountains, I do not utilize the trap doors in my long johns since I wear boxer shorts under my Union Suits! How about You?

By the way, Michael, the boy in the comic strip, did not want to wear his dad's one piece long underwear on his trip to Ireland. However, I have a feeling that after he wore that Union Suit for a few days, he realized how warm, comfortable, and fun those long johns were. And, like you and me, probably became a
Union Suit Fan!

Keep That Trap Door Buttoned

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  1. I just refer to it as a "backdoor," though I wish more union suits these days would resemble a dropseat rather than the small, vertical slit I mostly see (one of the reasons I rarely use the back).