Thursday, February 23, 2017

Cowboys and Union Suits 

Cowboys Caught in Their Long Underwear
But Still Ready for Action!

The boys don't seem to mind being stripped of their

clothes, reduced to their Union Suits! 
They salvaged the three most important items 
Cowboys can't live without:
their Guns, Hats, and Boots, in that order!

Cowboys In Union Suits
as they Belly-up to the Bar

A Cowboy Caught with His Pants Down

Cowboys have Tag-alongs
Cowboys Dancing in Red Long Johns and Boots

Snoozing Around the Campfire
in His Long Handled Underwear

This Cowboy Grabs Beer 
from the Fridge
Cowboys Hanging Out In
Union Suits with Rifles

Cowboys Like to Camp and Hike in
Their Union Suits

Cowboys Hiding Out in Their 
Long John Underwear 
Movie: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

 Urban Cowboys Wear Button Down Union Suits Too:

There's Nothing Like Sitting 

Around the Camp Fire
Listening to Good Guitar Music 

in Just Your Underwear !

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