Thursday, March 16, 2017

Union Suit Fans 
      and Their Trap Doors:

Keeping the Rear Flap of Your Union Suit Buttoned Up
(Like this Boy) is a Crowning Achievement

With his Rear Hatch Buttoned,
the Dish Repair Man Is Draft Free
Even on those Cold, Snowy Days !

Bay Area Bill is Buttoned Up
and Ready to Step Outside for His Mail

Secure those
Buttons Boys...
Or You Are Libel To Dance Right Out of
Your Underwear

Some Union Suits come with 
Three Button Trap Doors
For Extra Security !

Imperial Underwear Ad for Drop Seat Union Suits

Forgetting to Fasten His Buttons, 
This Guy Fell Right Out of His Long Johns !!

Even Cartoon Characters
Would do Well to Remember 
to Carefully Button their
Long Underwear

The Buttons on Zilly's Union Suit Hold... Whew !!


  1. Sam of Duluth, Minnesota emailed me earlier today as soon as this new post came out:

    Chris: If the boy wearing the crown standing on the railroad tracks were wearing a red union suit, he easily could pass as my teenage son. My only boy is 6'1" and a lean 150 lbs (I have three daughters too). Like you, he prefers wearing red Carhartt Union Suits. His long johns, when first purchased and worn, looked a bit baggy until washed. The new underwear didn't really shrink too much, but enough to make it fit him a little better - not too loose, but plenty of room. He wears it under his snowboard pants and all around the house. My wife even found him sleeping in it! My girls think he looks hilarious what with the button flap and all. The fabric is thick enough and the bum flap is generous enough to decently cover his rear end properly.

    Just the other day he made a brief venture out into the snow and down the driveway to our mail box. He was wearing nothing but boots and his long, red underwear. The stark red long johns against all the white snow was enough to draw the attention of our neighbor who got his wife to ask us where we got the boy's union suit - apparently my neighbor wants one just like it!

    We really enjoy your blog! Keep us laughing!

    1. Thanks much, Sam. You're son sounds like a lot of fun. If you keep reading and laughing, I will keep the posts coming!