Monday, June 19, 2017

Dad and Son - Union Suit Fans!

Nothing like waking up with your best friend and enjoying 
      a cup of hot chocolate first thing in the morning!

Thanks for sending, guys!  And sir, thanks for your service and helping keep us all safe.  I know your boy is very proud of his daddy  ....Chris 

My Son Relaxing at Home on Leave!
Thanks to all our Veterans!

Sent in by Anonymous - Added July 13, 2017 
Thanks to all our Boys In and Out of Uniform!....Chris


  1. Luke from Atlanta, Georgia emailed to say that "as a fellow service member who wears union suits and has two boys of my own, I just wanted to tell this Iraq War Veteran 'you're looking fit and thanks for your service.'"

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  3. Thanks for your comments, Herry. Send me an email with your further thoughts regarding union suits and where you are from...Chris