Sunday, November 19, 2017

Frat Boys are Union Suit Fans
(If not by their own choice)

Fraternity Pledges are required to strip to
Long Red Underwear for Initiation.
Guys be safe. Use some common sense!
Fraternity Members have a responsibility
to treat their Pledges well so all can
enjoy the good Greek Life!

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This


  1. Loren of Tulsa, OK emailed me yesterday: I remember these days way back when. There were about 11 or 12 of us pledges running around initiation night in our boxers and jockey shorts. These boys look warmer than us in their long underwear but we survived. Great fun those college days!

  2. Me too, Loren...great memories. What is it about initiation night that has us pledges reduced to our underwear... seems that is universal to join a fraternity. Thanks for commenting...Chris.

  3. Samuel of Boston, Mass emailed with this thought: Fraternities have gotten some really bad publicity of late, rightfully so, with over-drinking, pledge hazing, and even deaths. I believe the vast majority of frat boys are straight shooters and treat each other, especially pledges, respectfully. I loved my Greek experience at Boston College and made life long friends. You are absolutely correct, Chris, "use some common sense." Be responsible.

  4. This from Charlie of Lincoln, NE: Chris, I attended the University of Nebraska some thirty years ago where I joined a fraternity. As pledges, we were required to purchase and wear red union suits on several occasions. One memorable time we formed a single line and marched from our frat house to the campus cafeteria. The members made us stand at the front and sing two or three of our favorite fraternity songs, then grab our food trays and drinks and have lunch all the while in our long johns! We also wore them at initiation like the boys in your posting "Frat Boys are Union Suit Fans." At our thirty year reunion last fall, a majority of us showed up in red union suits for old times sake."