Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Weathervane Boy

Happy New Year Union Suit Fans!

Hoping Your Year is Heading in the Right Direction. Stay Buttoned Up!
     ....Chris Ayers

This blog is averaging just over 75 views per day. December, 2017 set a new monthly record with 2,339 views. Thanks for your support. Watch for more fun (and funny) union suit photos and stories in 2018 including tributes to Union Suit Bands and Performers, and "RC Loses Yet Another Wager."


  1. Posting Note: I have heard from a number of you asking about the upcoming story of "RC Loses Yet Another Wager" that I mentioned above. Yes, it will be a follow-up to Tom Moss' contributing post of June 23, 2017, "RC in his Red Union Suit!" Apparently, RC is a big Denver Broncos' fan. The Broncos had a disastrous season. We can all look forward to another whopper! As soon as I get Tom's story I will post it ... Chris

  2. I also heard from some of you wondering who the "Weathervane Boy" is and where his photo was taken. This picture was sent to me anonymously but I thought it a good one to get our new year started. I try not to post many photos from anonymous sources as it is good to place a first name with a story and / or photo. I rarely make exceptions. When you send me something, I only us your first name and home town or region like "Bay Area Bill" or Sam from northern South Michigan. ...Chris