Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Charlie, Union Suit Fan, Goes Underwearing 

With the warm (and for many of you hot) days of summer upon us, a reminder of the cold days we just left behind. 

After a full day of snowboarding in the great Rocky Mountains, Charlie lounged around the ski lodge one evening in his Union Suit, rather bored. So, after a hearty supper, this teenager decided to go "underwearing."

Charlie in Red Long Underwear
dons his Escanaba Cap and
Laces up his Snow Boots
Escanaba Cap - Check
Goggles - Check

Thermal Socks - Check
Boots - Check
Mittens - Check

Union Suit - Check
Ready to Go!

Brrr -  Nighttime has Fallen
and the Temperature is 3 Degrees
Perfect for Long Underwearing!

And Off He Goes for a Night of Sledding
in His Union Suit !

Underwearing is the act of running around outside in public in one's Underwear: boxers, jockey shorts, long johns, etc. I was unaware of this "sport" of sorts until recently. My young acquaintances must wonder what rock I climbed out from under. 

Now I had heard that in the 1970's mostly college boys went streaking sans clothes, even ditching their Underwear! They would typically pull on their socks and shoes and place a stocking cap over their faces... preferably one that had holes for the eyes and nose. Then these adventurous boys would run buck naked through campus with abandon, many times chased by the campus cops! If you remember streaking then you probably haven't heard about underwearing!

Besides streaking I have also heard of National Underwear Day which is observed annually on August 5th. This is when mostly New Yorkers and San Franciscans run around the streets and ride subways or trolleys without their pants. 

You Can't Make This Stuff Up ! 

But "Underwearing?" That's a new one on me. I suppose many of the guys in this blog shown outdoors in their Union Suits would be considered having gone Underwearing. 

As they say "Live and Learn!" ...Chris


  1. Luke of Atlanta emails: If it was not for my teen-age son I would not know what underwearing is. He and two friends rode their bikes in T-shirts and boxer shorts in a fund raiser for their school earlier this spring. They called it "underwearing."

  2. Clay of Saranac, NY asks, "Chris, Is Charlie your boy or nephew or some other relative?"

    Clay, I plead the 5th... Chris

  3. Robert of Pueblo, CO emailed asking, "Will you be running around town on National Underwear Day in your red long handles?"

    I don't think so, Robert. Even in northern Idaho it will be a little to warm to be out wearing my Union Suit, though it is tempting. Let me know if you participate there in Colorado.... Chris

  4. Luke of Atlanta emails: "Chris, I am betting Charlie is your boy. Chip off the ole block. I think I see a family resemblance and he apparently likes red union suits like you."

    Still pleading the 5th, Luke, .... Chris