Sunday, June 24, 2018

Ken, Union Suit Fan

This from Emma of Salem, Oregon:

"Chris, did you know that Barbie's boy friend, Ken, wears long underwear under his fashionable clothes? He's just an old-fashioned, cold natured boy like you. And he too prefers red union suits:"

No, Emma, I didn't know Ken wore long johns. Since I have only boys and no girls, I know little about dolls. I'd never given any thought as to Ken's underwear. And I sure didn't know he wore Union Suits. Thanks for enlightening me!


  1. GI Joe had long johns too.

  2. Hey John! Real men wear Union Suits. Does G.I.Joe wear 'em like Ken or does he succumb to inferior two piece underwear? ...Chris

  3. Torrie of Flagstaff, AZ emails: "Chris, Ken wears the same color and style of long underwear as my boy friend, Jeff!"

    He does indeed, Torrie: Jeff with his backside to the camera in Torrie's posting in this blog of May 21, 2018. He and Ken are wearing similar union suits.... Chris

  4. Unfortunately GI Joe only had the two piece long johns for his Arctic adventure, Chris.