Saturday, October 6, 2018

Union Suit Fans Come in All Political Stripes !

Long John Day 
"Oh Long Johns"

"The Power of Long Johns...
Whole Nations Unify Over Long Underwear"

Copy and  Paste to watch this crazy boy's video:

Hail to the Chief - State of the Union Suit:

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Union Suit Fans in the Limelight

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  1. Paul of Williamsburg, VA sent me this notice:
    Hey Chris! Democrats are usually associated with the color blue and Republicans with red. You know, Red States - Blue States. So, my point is, the Obama supporter in your post should be wearing a blue Union Suit. I assume the boy wearing red is a Republican. Course, I should talk, I am a democrat but have two red and two white union blue ones.

    1. Paul: I get your argument but must say that when it comes to Union Suits there is no discrimination along party lines. We are all one! Besides, blue union suits are not as easily found as red and white ones.

  2. I also heard from Kyle of Olympia, WA: "Tell your fans to pull on their Union Suits, button up, then get out and VOTE on November 6th!"

    1. Kyle: I have no hard and fast supporting evidence but I believe that Union Suit Fans are a patriotic group right down to their underwear and the majority do vote!