Friday, January 4, 2019

The following is an email I received from Union Suit Fan, Eddie Mandorf of Cincinnati, Ohio: "Happy New Year, Chris! I enjoy your take on union suits month in and month out. I received two suits of long underwear for Christmas this year, both bright red! By the way, is that good looking kid you featured in your posting of December 23rd your boy? Must take after his pa!" 

Happy New Year to you, Eddie!  Naw, that boy is David Harmon who played Tommy Thompson in the 2010 feature film, Stagecoach Santa. It's sort of a Hallmark type movie from Everlasting Picture Works. This little boy teaches the adults in his life, particularly his dad, the meaning of faith and the joy of Christmas. It's a film to be enjoyed with your kids or grandkids... Chris 

Here are some scenes taking place about midnight on Christmas Eve. Tommy wakes up, pulls on boots and a coat over his red union suit, climbs out of his bedroom window and goes on a the hunt for a mysterious stranger.

The next morning Tommy awakens and
is at first confused as to why he is
wearing his coat and boots in bed!

Being called downstairs, he joins
the family for Christmas Breakfast

still in his long underwear.

The Stagecoach Driver interrupts their breakfast to tell Tommy that mysteriously a new saddle for his pony has been left out on the hitching rack. Tommy joyfully runs outside in his long johns to see.

David Harmon as Tommy in Stagecoach Santa 

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