Monday, February 11, 2019

Just for Laughs...

To get over nervousness, Abe Lincoln imagined his audiences in their underwear when giving speeches. Well, maybe.

My dad was a member of Toastmasters International. One of the first things they taught new members when public speaking was to imagine the audience in just their underwear. The speaker was to view himself as the only one dressed. This worked for my dad and I assume countless others. It works for me. I don't speak to large groups very often but when I do they all sit there in their union suits!

Added February 14, 2019...
Frank of Memphis, TN emailed me the following:

"Hi Chris, those guys in their long underwear that Lincoln is talking to must be a bunch of Yankees because no southern gentleman would be caught dead in a "Union" Suit!  Just joking. I wear union suits here in Memphis from first of November thru April most years. I've heard that Elvis wore union suits too back in the day but the only pictures of him are in his jockey shorts. Love your blogs and articles and pictures. Keep up the good work... Frank

Thanks, Frank. Great hearing from another Union Suit Fan. Have a good one!  ...Chris

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