Thursday, February 21, 2019

"Cowboys in their Union Suits are so cool!"

The above assessment is from Barb of Clayton, NM. In her email she goes on to say her "husband who works at a cattle feed yard and rides horses on their small ranch in New Mexico is a Union Suit Fan and wears them all the time. And has since he was a boy."

If you have been following my blog, you have seen photos of Cowboys in their one-piece long underwear from time to time. Well, Barb, here are some more. After all, Cowboys are the quintessential Union Suit wearers!

Hey! Union Suit Fans! Check out my earlier cowboy postings if you missed them for more fun fotos like these:
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And above, my fashion contribution to the Cowboy Way back in the day  ...Chris


  1. Paul of Castle Rock, CO emailed to say "that picture of you as a boy in your long johns back in the day reminds me so much of me in my union suits at that age. I remember clowning around wearing boots and long underwear!"

    1. Thanks for contacting me, Paul. Union suits are fun and we fans can act silly at any age.... Chris

  2. Cowboys in union suits ARE cool! Growing up and working on the ranch, they were the ones I looked up to. Now my buds and I wear red union suits all winter and into the spring. They keep us warm and comfortable and we have fun too! Keep up the good work Chris we all enjoy reading about this. JT - Owyhee, NV

    1. Hey JT: Great hearing from a fellow Union Suit Fan! Tell all the guys to keep 'em buttoned and keep on checking in with my blog. You too, pal... Chris

  3. Barb of Clayton, NM upon whose email this posting was based emailed me recently:
    "Thanks for acknowledging my earlier email by featuring those handsome cowboys in their long underwear. I see you were a good-looking boy in your union suit too, and so is JT in your later posting of him in his underwear. I have tried repeatedly to get my hubbie, a real cowboy too, to pose in his union suit for me to send to you to post but he won't agree. At least not yet. I'll keep trying. Bye bye, Barb"

    Thanks, Barb. Glad you enjoyed this posting. Keep working on your husband and get his photo sent in pronto! Tell him if JT and I can be pictured in our union suits so can he ...Chris