Sunday, May 12, 2019

Hey Union Suit Fans:  I am just back from a great trip to northern New England. The air there is cool and clear. Springtime is beginning to make an appearance. I had never been to Vermont and New Hampshire before. What a beautiful part of the U.S.A. This is Union Suit country!

That's me all right, taking in the beautiful lake and mountain scenery early one morning. Now that I am back home in Idaho, look for more great stories and photos posted in Union Suit Fan and Union Suit Fans in the Limelight!

Over the next few weeks I will be featuring the comic duo antics of Laurel and Hardy. I consider Stan Laurel the first and foremost union suit fan. Don't miss him and Hardy in Union Suit Fans in the Limelight... Chris Ayers


  1. Chris, Welcome back. Someday make a trip to New England in the fall. The blazing color of the leaves is incredible.

    1. Thanks, John. Good to hear from you. (I have visited New England in October just not quite that far north. And you are correct, autumn tree colors are magnificent.)

  2. Larry of Omaha, Nebraska emailed: "Chris you set a good example for all of us with the button on your butt flap properly fastened. Love your blogs... keep them a comin' ... Larry, a Union Suit Fan.