Friday, May 3, 2019

Union Suit Fans and Wearers...

Tomorrow, May 4th, marks the third anniversary of my blog, Union Suit Fan, and the first anniversary of my companion blog, Union Suit Fans in the Limelight. If you haven't checked out “Limelight” give it a try. Presenting guys in their Union Suits has been alot of fun for me and I hope enjoyable for you. My two blogs are approaching 60,000 views from folks in 27 countries! I wasn't sure if photographs and stories about long-handled Union Suits would be of interest to very many. Thus, you can imagine my delight as these long underwear blogs have been warmly viewed by so many diverse people from so many places.

Thanks for all of your photos, emails and posting comments. Your stories have been really great. As I've said before, I couldn't do this without you. Keep 'em coming. We've only touched the “tip of the iceberg” in these initial years. There are a few hundred stories and photos of Union Suit underwear wearers to come! 

I'll be taking the next ten days off while my wife and I tour northern New England. We expect it will be a bit cool, some days cloudy with intermittent rain, so you can bet I will pack and be wearing my union suits. I will reply to blog comments and your emails upon my return. In the meantime, stay buttoned. I will.

Best regards,  Chris Ayers, Union Suit Fan

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  1. Emails from Max of Topeka, Paul of Williamsburg, VA, Luke of Atlanta and others have told me they have enjoyed my union suit blogs and hope I continue entertaining. I appreciate hearing from you boys and all those who have emailed. Thanks for viewing and you have my word I will continue to search for interesting stories and photos of Union Suit Fans! Regard, Chris