Monday, August 26, 2019

Just for Laughs... 

Theodor Geisel was a Union Suit Fan!

You may know Mr. Geisel better as Dr. Seuss. He created the very popular character, Uncle Ubb, who wore Union Suits as illustrated in the good doctor's book, Dr. Seuss's A B C, Begginner Book. Uncle Ubb appears on Page 49 of that book in his union suit holding an umbrella to illustrate the letter U. It is believed that ole Uncle Ubb was based on Theodor Geisel himself. 

Another character, Skipper Zipp, also wore union suits under his naval uniform:

Geisel was a cartoonist, illustrator, poet, children's author, and film maker. He himself wore union suits at least until around 1960 and perhaps after!

Theodor Seuss Geisel, 
Dr. Seuss 
(1904-1991) Springfield, Mass 
Aka Uncle Ubb

Added March 31, 2020 
  Buckeye Mike, Canton Ohio's Uncle Ubb:

"Uncle Mike's Umbrella
and His Underwear Too!"

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