Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Closed Crotch Union Suits for Union Suit Fans

by Cory of Waterford, Maine, Guest Contributor

"Chris, I wonder how many modern day Union Suit wearers know how important the advent of "Closed Crotch" Union Suits was. Before this development, union suits were not all that practical or comfortable. Penman's Canadian Underwear Company realized early on the importance of advertising to get the word out for their "modern" underwear. In January, 1911 they even printed a pamphlet for distribution touting their union suits, "The New Idea in Comfort."

"In theory the union suit has always
been the ideal garment."

A 99 year old newspaper advertisement in the November 18, 1920 edition of the Philadelphia Evening Public Ledger featured "Harvard Mills" closed crotch underwear that promised men their Union Suits would "fit you to a T... tailored and cut by hand to fit."  Why it "Fits as if your tailor made it." The manufacturer was Winship, Boit, & Co. of Wakefield, Mass makers of "high grade underwear."

F. Kohlbeck & Sons, makers of White Cat Union Suits also wanted the world to know that they sold "closed crotch" union suits too!  "No more discomfort; no seam or opening through the crotch...closed like a pair of drawers."

Thanks, Cory. That which we take for granted one hundred years later wasn't always true. These ads sold millions of unions suits in the early to mid 1900's. Who wouldn't want one.... Chris

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