Thursday, January 2, 2020

Sleeping it Off

In answer to my New Year's posting, Joe of NYC sent these photos to me along with the comment, "I am guessing this guy, complete in a warm red union suit and thick white socks, had a bit too much partying New Years Eve."

It sure looks like he did, Joe! ...Chris

Hope Your New Year is a Great One! Look for More of Your Favorite Union Suit Photos, Anecdotes, Articles, and Cartoons in the Upcoming Months. 

In early January for example Guest Contributor, Tom Moss, will report on his and RC's latest wager where the unfortunate one who lost had to appear in public wearing just his long red underwear. You know the "buttoned down the front, rear hatch in back" kind!

Thanks to all of you who sent in these holiday pictures. Looks like a bunch of you found Union Suits under the Christmas tree this year. Keep those photos and stories coming....

And be sure you don't miss my Multi-Part Series, "Undressed Under Duress" to be found in my companion blog, Union Suit Fans in the Limelight. Coming in February, 2020!

All the best, Chris Ayers


  1. Clay of Saranac, NY emailed, "Been there, done that!" I emailed back, "Clay, you mean you have passed out in your union suit after a drink or two?" Clay sent back, "Darn right, and occasionally on the floor like this poor drunk."

  2. Andrea of Duluth, MN asks, "Are the four boys pictured in the red union suits in front of the fireplace brothers?"

    1. I don't know for sure, Andrea, they didn't say. But they look enough alike to be so. Those boys look comfortably warm in their new union suits... Chris

    2. Andrea replied, "I took a photo of my husband and brother in the union suits I gave them for Christmas. I will see if they will let me send in for your blog."

  3. Sure, Andrea. I would appreciate that. This blog is so successful because of you and others who participate by sending me photos to include herein. Thanks for viewing Union Suit Fan and Union Suit Fans in the Limelight! .. Chris