Thursday, February 6, 2020

Part I  Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Union Suits 
    But Were(n't) Afraid to Ask!

Knowing well my interest in everything Union Suited, Sam of Upper Lower Michigan and my “go to” long underwear guy brought to my attention a nearly 100 year old salesmen's instruction manual from Coopers Underwear Company.
Front Cover of 
"Tips and Pointers"

He wrote, “if you want to be a top line seller of Coopers Kenosha Klosed Krotch Union Suits read this 170 page booklet published by Coopers / Jockey Underwear in 1923. I think you will find it most interesting.” I did and I think you will too! 

The booklet was so popular and in such high demand that two additional printings were required in 1923 alone.

Information and Illustrations are included to add brilliance and balance to your further knowledge of one-piece long underwear. Topics include Textile Fibers, Shrinkage, Quality, Measuring and Fitting, Advertising, Classes of Long Underwear, Boys' Union Suits, and even a chapter on Socks. For example, you want your union suit to fit properly, don't you?...

Styles of Union Suits

After reading this in-depth chronicle, you will gain the knowledge to simply astonish friends at your next party! 
No Matter Your Build,
This Manual Is For YOU!

For best results, pull on your union suit, pour yourself a favorite beverage, settle into your most comfortable chair and enjoy reading....

Thanks, Sam.... Chris

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