Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Winter Carnival !!

Who works and plays outdoors in their one-piece long underwear?  Why, Union Suit fans, that's who! Here's more from the "Great Outdoors."

Alright, he's not wearing a union suit.
But give him credit for showing off
his long red thermal underwear 

for the world to see!

Send in your favorite photo(s) of you enjoying the great outdoors in your union suit and if there is a tale to tell, let's hear it:

Added March 5, 2020:  Michael emailed to ask the brand of union suit with the white striping that is being worn by the fella sitting on the log above reading. He wants to get one. I know Heathknit Underwear use to make them because I had one and loved it. Let Michael and me know who currently makes this type.... Chris

Added March 7, 2020:  Hey Michael, I heard back from a number of readers who all concur that the union suit the guy above is wearing in the photo is a J. Crew Union Suit.  (Even the magazine he's viewing is a J. Crew!) These guys are wearing J. Crew Union Suits:

Rear View

They are wearing J. Crew too (Christmas gifts):

This bike rider is most likely wearing a Healthknit Union Suit:

Michael: Be sure to email me on your success in buying one, Chris

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