Saturday, May 9, 2020

Drew Denton of Stillwater, OK sent me this old-time Sears & Roebuck Co. ad featuring "New for 1852 Red Flannel Long Johns" that are guaranteed "Warm in Winter, Cool in Summer!" and "Button up Front, Trap Door in Rear"

     Thanks, Drew  ....Chris

The following has nothing to do with Union Suits but the Levi Strauss magazine ad shown below got me remembering good ole Levi's. Back in the day, I soaked my blue, 501 button-fly Levi's overnight to get just the right softness, fading, and feel. But I didn't wait a year before I washed them as the ad suggested. My mom would have had a fit! ...Chris 

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 Sheriff John Henry Hoyle and Deputy Eli Brocias.


  1. These guys performing in their union suits doing the vaudeville act was hilarious. I wish they had made more episodes. This was a fun show. Union Suit Fan, Eddie of New Orleans

  2. Chris, I did the same thing. Soaked my Levi's at least 24 hours, let them dry and they were just right for me. I didn't go into the store in my boxer shorts like the boy in the illustration and I didn't wear my jeans for a year before washing either. Do you suppose anyone did? LOL ...Ben, Portland, Oregon

  3. Growing up on a ranch in South Texas, it was always Wranglers. Still wear them today.

  4. Yes, Wranglers. Of course, real cowboys wouldn't be caught dead in Levi's or plain pockets! Thanks for the reminder, San Antonio! ... Chris