Monday, May 4, 2020

Hello Union Suit Fans:

Today is an anniversary for me. It was on this day, May 4th in 2016, that I began a blog on of all things Long Underwear. A specific kind of long underwear: Union Suits. The kind worn by men and boys (and some women) for generations. Four years ago I named this new blog, Union Suit Fan, for that is what I've been since I was a boy. Two years later I began a second blog, Union Suit Fans in the Limelight to recognize those who enjoy performing in their full body long underwear. There are enough Union Suit wearing guys around these days for two sites.

Now, admittedly, that was a pretty silly thing on which to base a social media subject. Union Suits! I wasn't sure such a topic would be of interest or enjoyable for anyone besides me. But, as things turned out, others thought the subject of Union Suits with articles and photos was fun too.

Men and women from all over the country and many parts of the world have checked in here. I've heard from so very many of you in emails and through notes you have left on this sight. I've heard from Union Suit Fans from most every state in the U.S. I have met new friends through their emails from Canada, the U.K., Poland, France, and Australia. Readers from nearly thirty countries have viewed my blogsI've learned from you Union Suits have universal appeal.

Men who have never worn one-piece underwear have read about them and seen photos of other men and boys wearing and enjoying them. They have bought one or two and, with only one exception, have adopted them as their new winter underwear. Together, we have poked a little fun at each other and viewed famous people in their Union Suits.

In this trying time of Covid-19 with the illness and deaths spreading all over the world, I pause this anniversary day to pray for the lost souls and the families of deceased love ones. It is my sincere hope today, my friends, that you are well and safe. 

I want to thank the many, many of you who have contributed over this time with your pictures, comments, and above all your guest articles. It has been my pleasure to get to know you through our "intimate" apparel.

Tomorrow, I will search for new ways to bring you a little cheer, a little warmth, and a little fun. Humor in this time is a tonic. Union Suits are to be worn, shown, laughed at, remembered, and enjoyed. In the meantime dear friends stay safe and warm, wear those masks, follow directives, stay alive so we can remain friends through this blog for a few more years to come.


Chris Ayers


  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and Thank You Chris! I do enjoy your blog and visit it often to read the new articles and look at the pictures posted. I do like the fact that you keep it clean and family oriented. It is difficult to find a web site on the internet that is related to long underwear or union suits that doesn't show some kind of exposing pictures. You have done a good job and I wish you much success going forward.

    I have been a fan of long underwear since I was a young boy and that includes the union suit. Although I would like to wear them daily, living in the Phoenix area doesn't always permit me to do so. Now that I am retired and with the help of our travel trailer, I do plan on traveling this beautiful country. As soon as the Covid-19 related restrictions are lifted and it is safe to travel, I plan on leaving the heat for a while. When I travel, I always have a few sets of long underwear with me for those times when it is cool or just to sleep in.

    Thanks for taking the time to start and continue this blog.

  2. Happy Anniversary Chris. Always enjoy reading your blog.

  3. Thanks Michael and John. Appreciate your comments and especially your contributions to my blogs. Stay safe and well. All the best, Chris

  4. Keep up the good work Chris

  5. Greetings, Chris. Glad to see your blog is still active. Due to the unnaturally cool spring in my neck of the woods,plus the necessity of working from home, I've been pretty much living in union suits for the past week. Although I'm looking forward to warmer weather and the relaxation of social distancing, I'm taking comfort where I can, and stretching out in my one-piece long drawers at the end of the day while I check up on the new entries on your blog, is indeed quite comfortable and comforting. Stay safe.


    1. Yes, my blogs are still going and going. Lot's of material with which to work. Like you, I'm living in just my union suits too. You stay safe yourself and thanks for checking in.

  6. You make my day when I go on Union Suit Fan and there is a new story of union suit wearers who have adopted this underwear, thank you!.. Fern, Quebec, Canada