Thursday, May 18, 2017

Coming Attractions

Here are some previews of upcoming postings you will not want to miss in Year Two of Union Suit Fan! 

Look for more Union Suit
Advertisements from YesterYear

Find out why this 1942 Naval Recruit is traipsing about in Long Johns aboard a Troop Train from Florida!

And why Leo is being stripped down to his red Union Suit by these Ruffians!

Check out these Guys who find Themselves Up a Tree in just their Long Button-down Underwear and Boots!

Find out why these Boys are Marching
Around Town in their Union Suits! 

Watch for more about the Various Styles 

of one-piece, long
 Winter and Summer Underwear

Learn why Rufus Wainwright, singer / songwriter, is performing "Rules and Regulations" clad in only his Union Suit!

And Why the Babe, Home Run King, helped sell millions of Union Suits to Men and Boys all over the USA!

We'll discuss Boys' "Hand-me-Down" 
Long Underwear that so many of us 
grew up wearing and sharing:

And how in the world Jethro of television's Beverly Hillbillies came to loose his britches revealing to television fans that he wears Union Suits!

Learn who Zilly is and why he always ends up in his long woolen underwear!

Find out why Supersnipe, The Boy with 
the Most Comic Books in America,
was why favorite comic book character

      And why this sheepish looking Fellow
          drove to the Office and Worked all Day 
          in just his Underwear and Socks!

A special thanks to Rich, Bill, Joe, Sam, Sarah, Brad and many others who provided stories, anecdotes, and photographs of themselves and others this past year, and to them and others who have contacted me with encouragement and ideas for upcoming postings. We are all Union Suit Fans.

.....Thanks, Chris.


  1. Sarah emailed to say that (she) "loves your long johns blog" and that "the man working at the office in his union suit reminds me so much of my fun loving brother who would probably do the same thing if given the chance!"

    1. Thanks, Sarah. If your brother ever does go to work in his union suit (or anywhere else for that matter) be sure to send in a photo for my blog! ...Chris