Thursday, May 4, 2017

Hey Union Suit Followers: 

Today marks the one year anniversary of my blog, Union Suit Fan! Over the past twelve months I have shared favorite articles, stories, and photographs with you. My hope is that you have enjoyed viewing my posts as much as I have had the pleasure of sharing them. 

Union Suit Wearers are special people that know the importance of staying warm and comfortable while having fun in their long, one-piece underwear. Our underwear can really be considered funderwear! What with the buttoned up front and the rear flap!

During the past year, this blog has had thousands of views from ten different countries. In addition to the United States and Canada, there are Union Suit Fans looking in from France, Italy, Russia, Germany, Singapore, United Kingdom, Sweden, and Australia. It's great to have all of you checking in with me from time to time. My first posting featured this young man wearing Long Underwear and Socks from J.J. Crew and was entitled:






  1. Thank you, Chris. I can always count on your site to give me a good, old fashioned, smile. BTW - did you ever see the RUFUS WAINWRIGHT music video for Rules & Regulation on You Tube? It might be of some interest to your fans.


  2. Heh Macheath48: Thanks for checking in with me. I appreciate your viewing my blog. Although I am familiar with Rufus and had seen a couple of his music videos, I had not seen R & R until your recommendation. This fun, low-key video has a message, I'm sure, but I haven't taken time to contemplate as yet. Do you know why he chose to appear in his union suit and shoes? I suppose, but don't know, that he is showing defiance to authority figures or sticking it to the stuffy, old dudes who are members of a men's club? Or maybe, he simply didn't have any gym clothes like the other men in this video so he appeared in just his long underwear?!

    To you union suit / music fans, tell me what you think?

    Macheath48, it's interesting and appropriate that you passed this along to me just now as I have been working on a posting about bands / singers / songwriters who perform in their long underwear, especially union suits. There are several as a matter of fact. I will add Wainwright's rendition to the list which includes the popular band of a few years ago, "Unionsuit." However, I have found no evidence that the members of this band actually ever performed in their union suits! Stay tuned!

    1. I saw the video and the only answer I could come up with was a subliminal one - he was "stripping" away all falsehoods and shams and getting down to the basic truths about things. The words don't exactly fit a man leisurely strolling about in nothing but a white union suit and high top dress shoes unless it is to say that rules and regulations tell us to dress accordingly and he has decided to disrobe and do the opposite. So, in short: I don't know why he got down to his union suit but it is interesting and I can't wait to hear others comments on it.

      Until then - keep 'em buttoned

  3. Macheath48: I heard from several Union Suit Fans but none came up with any different theories as to why Rufus appeared in this union suit than you and I did. I have emailed Rufus and his publicist so we'll see if I get an answer....Chris

  4. Well fans, I did not hear back from Rufus or his publicist as to why he appeared in his union suit in the video, Rules & Regulations. However, I did hear back from a number of you by email with theories such as "he's cold natured like me," "he's a closet union suit wearer," "all his other underwear was in the laundry," "the sound studio was freezing," etc. Thanks for your input. We may never know for sure but it is an interesting presentation by a famous Union Suit Fan!

  5. Trevor of Shamrock, TX emailed to say that he recently discovered my blog and especially appreciates the posts of guys in their Union Suits playing sports and losing wagers. "I look forward to many more laugh-inducing stories and pics," he writes.

    Thanks, Trevor. So glad to hear you found us. Send my your photo and I will publish it here...Chris